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We Will Make Your Space Pest Free

At Diamond R Pest Management, we prioritize the safety of your home, business, or farm and ranch. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest training in pest management services. We understand the importance of creating a pest-free environment without compromising your well-being. Our commitment to safety extends beyond just eliminating pests; it involves ensuring that the methods and products we use are environmentally friendly and pose no harm to humans, pets, or surrounding ecosystems. With Diamond R, you can trust that your space is not only pest-free but also maintained with the utmost consideration for safety and sustainability.

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affordable pest control
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affordable pest control
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affordable pest control
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We understand that there are many choices in pest management available to choose from. When you make the choice to work with Diamond R you become part of the family. We work hard to earn your trust and keep your trust by providing the highest level of professional customer service in the industry. 

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Our Pest Management Process

We take a systematic approach to pest management, by better understanding your unique needs or situation . This allows us to formulate a long term solution to your pest problem.  

Initial Inspection

We scedule a time to come and inspect your property

During this inspection we will conduct a through inspection of your property, Making sure that we check all problem areas such as attics, crawl spaces and foundations. Sometimes you can not see the damage behind walls and in attics, this is why we make it our mission to find every pest.

Execute a Plan

We create a custom plan for your pest problem

Carefully planning a treatment option will insure the very best results. With different applications for each type of pest. We want to make sure we are giving you the very best options available. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your personalized pest management plan.

Follow Up

Regular Follow Up is Key

To keep your home pest free we recommend that a quarterly treatment schedule works well. However based on your pest threat level you may need monthly services to keep your pests under control. What ever your threat level is we can build a plan that keeps your home safe.

NOTE: Proactive pest management is far easier and much less expensive than having a major infestation . 

Pest Management Experts

Reasons you can trust the team at Diamond R Pest Management. 

Affordable pest control